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What Should I Do If a Record Does Not Match Any of the Potential Matches in Directory Manager?

What Should I Do If a Record Does Not Match Any of the Potential Matches in Directory Manager?

When a record in System Matching does not align with any of the potential matches it has found, you have three options:

Reject the Match:

  • This action sends the record to the reject pile.
  • Use this option if you are confident that the record does not match any existing entries and does not require a new Personal Digital Identity (PDI).

Create a New PDI:

  • If the record appears to represent a unique individual that is not currently in the system, you can create a new PDI for this record.
  • Creating a new PDI triggers the generation of a transaction for a new Active Directory (AD) account, facilitating the creation of new user credentials and access.

Select a PDI not listed:

  • In a rare scenario, it might be the case that System Matching has not found someone that you know has a PDI but it has not appeared as a candidate for matching. If you click “Select PDI”, you can manually assign the record to any PDI you enter.
  • Once the record is linked, Directory Manager will assess the new record against the existing Active Directory account and if required, generate a change or rename transaction.

Decision-Making Criteria

  • Consider the uniqueness of the record and the likelihood of it being a new individual.
  • Review all potential matches thoroughly before rejecting or creating a new PDI.
  • Review the Digital Directory if you believe the person already exists but has not appeared as a candidate. Before selecting the PDI to assign the record manually, make sure the record in System Matching definitely belongs to that person and PDI.

These options ensure that each record is appropriately handled, maintaining the integrity and accuracy of the Directory Manager system.

For more guidance on handling unmatched records or creating new PDIs, please consult the Directory Manager documentation or contact our support team.

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