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How can I Remove Business Rules?

How can I remove Business Rules?

We would prefer if you request removal of rules through the BDS Service Desk who can remove the rules for you to ensure there are no unintended consequences. However, if you would like to amend the Business Rules yourself, you can do the following;
WARNING: If a transactions does not meet the criteria for any rule, the transaction will be ignored because no criteria has been met. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not remove the catch all rule. This is usually called “Default” and has the criteria of “EmployeeID Equals * “
  1. Log on to the Directory Manager Server
  2. Open the Services Management Console (services.msc) and stop the “BDS Directory Manager Management Service”. this prevents further processing of transaction creation and approvals
  3. Open the Directory Manager Configuration Client
  4. Navigate to “Rule Management” -> “Processing Rules”
  5. Select the transaction type from the tabs (Gateway(New), Changed, Rename, Expired)
  6. Select the technology (do not untick the checkbox next to it) that you wish to add new rules too (Active Directory, Groups, File Systems, Exchange, Azure)
  7. With the technology highlighted, click the “Business Rules” button on the right, a new window will open
  8. Click the row in the rules table you wish to remove
  9. Click the “Remove Rule” button
  10. A popup will be displayed asking if you are sure, click “Yes”
  11. Click “Ok” to close the rules window

If you are unsure about anything and require assistance, please contact the BDS Service Desk and we will be happy to help.

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