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What are Web Reports?

What are web reports?

Directory Manager contains a reporting tool known as Web Reports. There are two different types of reports available, these being ‘Parameterised List’ and ‘List’ reports.

‘List’ reports are pre-generated lists containing rows and columns from a particular set of data. For example, you may want to know all the accounts that have been created this week including information from their ESR record there AD record and the record of the transaction such as who approved it.

‘Parameterised List’ reports allow you to specify a value to filter the ‘List’ report. For example, a report may give the option to search via Surname, meaning that the report will only show records that have the specified Surname value. Web reports can be viewed directly in the browser or can be exported and stored locally.

If you would like a new web report created, please contact the BDS Service Desk with your requirements.

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