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How do I approve of a transaction?

How do I approve of a transaction?

To approve one or more transactions, you need to be part of the Directory Manager Control Group or a group with the necessary permissions.

You can locate transactions using ‘Pending Search’ in the left menu or browse them by type and department in the ‘Pending Transaction’ page.

If you find them using ‘Pending Search’ function, all transaction for a specific type will appear in the order of new first, then change, then suspended and finally expiration depending on which one is found first, for example if no new transactions are found the first to appear will be changes. To see the other types, on the top right change the dropdown to the type you want.

If you use ‘Pending Transactions’, you can find transactions by either;

  1. Selecting the transaction type (New, Change, Rename or Expiration) at the top of the table to see all transactions for that type
  2. Select the department to see all transactions for that department
  3. Click the number in the table the corresponds to the transaction type AND department to see those transactions only

Finally, select the record(s) you wish to approve and click ‘Apply Selection’.

If you can’t find the transaction(s), refer to the section What should I do if I am unable to find a record in the portal?

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