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How do I revoke a PDI?

How do I revoke a PDI?

The purpose of revoking a PDI is to ensure that it is no longer available for system matching so new records cannot be linked to it.

NOTE: If any records are still linked to the PDI when it is revoked, if they get updated then DM will ignore the update. Also, if an active AD account is linked to the PDI when it is revoked then the AccountExpirationDate will be set to today and the AD account will be valid for the expiration process.

There are 2 reasons to revoke  a PDI;

  1. The PDI no longer contain any valid records and / or all (valid) records for the user are linked to a different PDI. This is called an orphaned PDI
    • There are different conditions we can set up for the automated removal of orphaned PDI’s (e.g. Only those with no linked records, or those with no AD but ESR is in the past). Contact BDS support to discuss them.
  2. The person has no other PDI on the system and you want to maintain Directory Manager  so if the user comes back they get a new PDI

If you are certain you want to manually revoke a PDI then you can do so by doing the following;

  1. Find the PDI you wish to revoke in the Digital Directory
  2. Click into it to go the PDI’s profile page
  3. At the bottom of the page, click the ‘Revoke’ button

At the top you will see the word ‘Revoked’ next to the PDI, e.g. ‘AB1234 (Revoked)’

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