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How can I create a new user account using the Directory Manager Web Portal?

To add a new user account in the Web Portal, go to “Add Records” in the left-hand menu. If you cannot see it in the menu please make sure you are logged in. If you are already logged in it means you do not have permission to create new accounts.

Complete the required details in the form, each form is customised on a per trust basis so it is not possible to provide guidance on how to fill it in. Please refer to your own internal documentation.

Once the form is complete, click the “Submit” button. One of 3 things will happen;

  1. A popup appears stating the form is missing mandatory information, please correct it and try again.
  2. A popup appears stating that a user with the same name already exists on the system. This is to prevent duplicate users being created. Either confirm to carry on creating the user or cancel to go back to the form.
  3. The new user request gets submitted. It will either be successful and provide you with a unique reference number for the new record or if there are any issues it will error.

If the new user request was successful, the record will go through the user matching process and generate a new pending transaction which will need to be approved to create the account in AD.

If there are any issues creating new accounts via the Web portal, please contract the BDS Service Desk.

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