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Can I have multiple AD account linked to a PDI?

Can I have multiple AD account linked to a PDI?

Yes it is possible to link more than 1 Active Directory Account to a single PDI, however it is not possible to link more that 1 AD account to a single PDI profile.

If you would like to do this, you need to have Directory Manager set up in a multi-profile configuration which required the configuration of another organisation being created. This allows a single PDI to have have more than 1 profile which allows each AD account to be managed independently by having different record sources linked to each AD account via the profile.

For example, you could have a users main profile which contains there primary AD user account linked to their ESR record which will update and maintain the account according to the data supplied in ESR, You can then have a second AD account linked a second profile and the source of data to maintain is comes from a CSV feed from a 3rd party application, such as a service desk or other user management tool.

This second account should not be a users administrative account because they are not considered something that should be managed by DM because you would normally not maintain such an account via other tools, you would do so directly in AD.

If you have multiple profile set up, you can switch between them by going into the PDI and from the profiles dropdown, select the organisation name of the profile you want to see, this is usually a 3 letter code such as the organisations ODS code. Once selected, the PDI profile information will update to reflect the linked records on that profile.

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